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BCG Vaccine

VAN UK'S Comment: This is the vaccine that destroyed 11 years of my life, anecdotal yes, but patient history and observation are the first tools of science.

BCG vaccine is no longer given routinely in the UK because it is ineffective (and I suspect due to vCJD) but I provide this information anyway.

The Priory Clinic say: 'The rates of disease in the group receiving protection are now so low that about 10,000 vaccinations are needed to prevent a single case' and:

'About a third of the total trials have shown no protective effect.'

'Secondly the harm done in adverse effects from the vaccine, usually abscesses at the sight of injection, outweigh the preventive effect.' - http://www.priory.com/cmol/bcg.htm



BCG Vaccine (Bacillus Calmette-Guérin) is a freeze-dried live bacterial vaccine prepared from an attenuated strain of Mycobacterium bovis. When reconstituted as directed with the accompanying phosphate buffered saline diluent, the vaccine contains between 8 x 106 and 32 x 106 colony forming units per mL of product and monosodium glutamate 1.5% w/v. Active ingredients: Bacillus Calmette and Guérin 1.5 mg
Excipients: monosodium glutamate 1.5% w/v
Diluent: sodium chloride 0.85%
sodium phosphate - dibasic 0.25%
sodium phosphate - monobasic 0.06%
polysorbate 80 0.025%
water for injection q.s. 1.5 mL
This vaccine does not contain added preservative.

This vaccine fulfils WHO requirements for Dried BCG Vaccine.


Clinical studies have demonstrated that BCG vaccine induces a cell-mediated immune response (tuberculin positive skin reaction) in at least 90% of adult recipients. The development of this response takes several weeks. Clinical trials have not shown a consistent relationship between the size of tuberculin reactions and the protection provided by BCG vaccines.
Two retrospective case control studies in Aboriginal Canadian Indians have shown that Sanofi Pasteur Limited’s BCG Vaccine provides approximately 60% protective efficacy.


BCG Vaccine is indicated for active immunisation against tuberculosis.


Allergy to any component of BCG Vaccine including monosodium glutamate and polysorbate 80 or an anaphylactic or other allergic reaction to a previous dose of BCG vaccine are contraindications to vaccination. Individuals who have previously had tuberculosis or who have a positive tuberculin reaction of over 5 mm.
Individuals with significant fever. Immunisation with BCG Vaccine should be deferred during the course of a moderate or severe febrile illness or acute infection to avoid superimposing potential adverse effects of the vaccine on the underlying illness.
Individuals with generalised skin disease such as eczema, furunculosis, atopic dermatitis or other exudative or inflammatory dermatologic conditions.
Keloid and lupoid reactions may occur at the site of injection. This should be considered in deciding whether to vaccinate individuals predisposed to such reactions. BCG vaccine should not be administered to individuals with known natural or acquired immunodeficiency conditions or those receiving immunosuppressant therapy because of the risk of disseminated BCG infection in those individuals. BCG Vaccine should not be administered to individuals with a high risk of HIV infection where HIV antibody status is unknown.


The stopper of the vial for this product contains dry natural latex rubber. Natural latex rubber has been associated with allergic reactions.
BCG Vaccine contains viable attenuated mycobacteria and should be handled as potentially infectious. All equipment and material used during reconstitution and subsequent immunisation should be handled and disposed of as biohazardous material.
BCG vaccination is a preventative measure, and has no value in the treatment of tuberculosis. BCG immunisation will not prevent the development of active tuberculosis in individuals who are already infected with Mycobacterium tuberculosis.
As with most vaccines, vaccination will not protect 100% of susceptible individuals.
This presentation of BCG Vaccine is not a treatment for carcinoma in-situ of the urinary bladder.
If a tuberculin skin test has been carried out, those who develop positive reactions should not be immunised (see Contraindications).
Do not combine BCG Vaccine in the same syringe as other vaccines.

Effects on fertility

It is not known whether BCG Vaccine can affect reproduction capacity
Use in Pregnancy (Category B2)
There is no convincing evidence of the risk to the foetus from immunisation of pregnant woman using bacterial vaccines. Although no harmful effects of BCG Vaccine on the foetus have been observed, vaccination of women during pregnancy is not recommended unless there is an excessive risk of unavoidable exposure to infective tuberculosis.

Use in lactation

It is not known whether BCG Vaccine is excreted in human milk. Because live vaccines may be excreted in human milk, caution should be exercised when BCG Vaccine is administered to a nursing woman.

Use in the elderly

Clinical experience with BCG Vaccine in the elderly is limited.


No genotoxicity studies have been conducted with BCG Vaccine.


No carcinogenicity studies have been conducted with BCG Vaccine.

Effect on laboratory tests

Inteference of BCG Vaccine with laboratory tests has not been studied.
Interactions with other medicines
BCG Vaccine must not be combined with other vaccines in the same syringe; however, it may be administered at the same time as other vaccines provided they are injected SEPARATELY and at different sites. A 4 week interval between administration of BCG vaccine and other live vaccines is recommended.

Adverse effects

Response to BCG vaccination
General disorders and administration site conditions
Following intradermal vaccination a red, small indurated papule (measuring 5 – 15mm in diameter) appears within 1 to 3 weeks. The papule tends to soften and breakdown, resulting in a small ulcer in the majority of subjects. The ulcers heal over a number of weeks, usually leaving a superficial scar.
Some enlargement of the regional lymph nodes may accompany the lesion at the vaccination site. This was observed in 25% of subjects in a study in newborn infants.
Spontaneous regression usually occurs within a few months. If abscesses of the lymph nodes develop, they should be punctured (aspirated) only if they are soft and
fluctuating. Antituberculous chemoprophylaxis should be considered. Surgical incision or excision of the lymph nodes is not recommended.
In studies of BCG Vaccine ulceration of > 5 mm at the site of intradermal vaccination is the most common adverse reaction observed (35 – 69% of subjects).
In some cases, a cold abscess may appear at the site of injection. Spontaneous resorption usually occurs.
Inadvertent subcutaneous injection may result in abscess formation and may lead to ugly retracted scars.
Gross local or generalised infections should be treated with antituberculous chemotherapy.
Disseminated Mycobacterium bovis, var BCG, infection occurred in four Aboriginal Canadian infants who had been immunised with BCG Vaccine in the neonatal period.
All cases were in infants with immunodeficiencies (including severe combined immunodeficiency, HIV/AIDS, defect in interferon gamma) which had not been detected before immunisation.
Disseminated BCG infection has been reported rarely after BCG vaccination, principally in immunocompromised individuals. In some cases deaths have been associated with disseminated BCG infection.

Anaphylactoid reactions have been reported rarely following administration of BCG Vaccine. Keloid formation and cutaneous reactions such as erythema nodosum have also been reported after BCG vaccination.
Regional (e.g. axillary) lymphadenopathy follows BCG vaccination (various strains from various manufacturers) with a frequency ranging from 1 – 10%. Suppurative lymphadenitis is much less common than lymphadenopathy, occurring in 0.03 – 0.5% of BCG vaccine recipients. Multiple lymphadenitis, hepatomegaly, splenomegaly and
other nonfatal disseminated lesions have occurred at rates of 0.31 to 0.39 per 1 million vaccinations.
One case of osteomyelitis associated with BCG Vaccine was reported in 1998.
Osteitis has been observed mostly in Scandinavian countries, possibly related to the strain used. The risk for developing osteitis after BCG vaccination varies by country.

Source: Sanofi-Aventis Data Sheet, 18th May 2012 - http://www.medsafe.govt.nz/profs/Datasheet/b/bcginj.pdf

BCG vaccination causes immune activation of CD4 T-cells in infants similar to that seen in AIDS

BCG vaccination, routinely given at birth to protect from tuberculosis (TB), causes an immune-activation of CD4 T cells, the HIV target cells, according to a South African study presented at the Nineteenth International AIDS Conference in Washington DC.

This immune activation may increase the risk of infant HIV infection through breastfeeding, particularly in cases where the infant is not receiving antiretroviral prophylaxis or where the mother is not taking fully suppressive antiretroviral therapy.

The BCG vaccine is given routinely to infants in settings where TB is endemic and is recommended for HIV-positive children in South African treatment guidelines. The BCG vaccine has been shown to be a safe and effective vaccination against disseminated TB in children without HIV. Although it is associated with a 1% risk of disseminated disease in HIV-positive children, it is still recommended to be administered to all infants at birth since their HIV status is often only definitively known once they are 4 to 6 weeks old.

The study randomised 118 HIV-exposed, uninfected infants from Khayelitsha, a large township outside of Cape Town, where the antenatal HIV-prevalence is 30%. 62 infants were given the BCG vaccination at birth as per recommended guidelines, while 56 infants were given their BCG vaccinations at the age of 8 weeks. Blood was collected at birth, 2 weeks, 6 weeks, and 8 weeks for analysis.

The results at 6 weeks showed significantly higher HLA-DR expression on CD4 T cells among the infants who had received BCG at birth, compared with those in the delayed group (p=0.024). The expression of HLA-DR on regulatory T cells correlates positively with immune activation in HIV.

Source: Nam Aids Map, 31st July 2012 - http://www.aidsmap.com/BCG-vaccination-causes-immune-activation-of-CD4-T-cells-in-infants/page/2460316/

BCG Vaccine Caused Hyperacusis and Infections in Founder of VAN UK and Made Her Chronically Sick for 11 Years - How?

I know 100% that the BCG vaccine caused my decline in health and hyperacusis (part of ASD) and is so rare it only occurs in 1 in 50,000 people.  The American Academy of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery, say:

'Many people experience sensitivity to sound, but true hyperacusis is rare, affecting approximately one in 50,000 individuals. The disorder can affect people of all ages in one or both ears. Individuals are usually not born with hyperacusis.'  (http://www.entnet.org/HealthInformation/hyperacusis-increasedsensitivity.cfm).

  The only known ways to get hyperacusis are:

1. Head trauma (I had no head trauma).
2. Exposure to very loud noise such as a gunshot or bomb (soldiers sometimes get this, again, not an issue for me).
3. Damage from environmental toxins (I don't think so).
4. Lyme Disease (didn't have it).
5. Chronic fatigue syndrome (didn't have it).
6. Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) syndrome (didn't have it).
7. Bell's Palsy (didn't have it)
8. Injury from car air bag deployment (didn't happen).

9. Adverse drug reaction - the only drug I had was BCG vaccine.

I had previously normal hearing for the first 14 years of my life with no auditary or other sensory processing disorders.

The only question I have is how vaccines triggered the damage.  After doing many years research reading medical papers and listening to doctors speeches, I have a theory for how I got hyperacusis:

Firstly I was given whole cell DPT mercury containing vaccines as a baby, which at the time contained the full amount of mercury now deemed unsafe.  This would have accumulated in my body (it is not always excreted, particularly in people with weak immune systems such as premature babies like myself and children who have been given paracetamol, which my mother gave me).  This mercury burden and the other toxic substances in the vaccines would have weakened my overall immune system and skewed it towards an auto-immune state (which happened with the more vaccines I got, I had a meningitis like illness, multiple ear infections, vulvodynia - nerve damage of the vulva, repeated bladder infections and vaginal infections).

Then on recieving the BCG vaccine (which is live), the live bacterium can cause major side-effects and dysfunctions and even death in an immuno-compromised host.

After the vaccine I got depression, flu like illnesses, ear infections, hyperacusis and multiple inflammation of nerves.  I believe as a result of a combination of prior mercury poisoning followed by live bacterial insult.

Is any of this more than just a theory?

In a paper called 'Thimerosal and Autism' in the Pediatrics journal, they write:

'The most characteristic sensory finding of mercury poisoning is a highly specific bilateral constriction of visual fields.5,6,9 With lesser exposure there may be compromise of contrast sensitivity.10,11 In addition, there may be paresthesias or, in infants, erythema and pain in hands and feet because of peripheral neuropathy. In autism, decreased responsiveness to pain is sometimes observed along with hypersensitivity to other sensory stimuli, including hyperacusis. The “sensory defensiveness” of autism seems to reflect altered sensory processing within the brain rather than peripheral nerve involvement.1214'

(Pediatrics, vol.111, no.3, March 1, 2003 - http://pediatrics.aappublications.org/content/111/3/674.full).

So hyperacusis is a known side-effect of mercury poisoning and is an etiology of autism spectrum disorder.

Hyperacusis has also been known to occur after other live vaccines, such as MMR.  Some of the children in Dr. Wakefield's initial famous 1998 case series developed hyperacusis after MMR.  Remember this disorder is supposed to be vanishingly rare yet it may be why so many autistic children hate noise -they are probably in pain (I was in agonizing pain), and the condition is probably very much under-diagnosed in these children whose behaviours are too often blamed on psychological disorders when they are physical.

In fact, the Tinnitus and Hyperacusis Centre in London, say:

'We  are seeing increasing numbers of small children with hyperacusis.  This may be on its own, or in association with other processing or behavioural disorders such as A.D.D., autism and Williams syndrome.' - http://www.tinnitus.org/home/frame/THC1.htm

Here is another example of hyperacusis after live virus vaccine (MMR) in a one year old male child on a VAERS report:

Symptoms: Autism, Encephalopathy, Hyperacusis, Immunoglobulins decreased, Immunoglobulins increased, Mental retardation severity unspecified, Personality disorder, Speech disorder
SMQs:, Dementia (broad), Psychosis and psychotic disorders (broad), Guillain-Barre syndrome (broad), Noninfectious encephalitis (broad), Noninfectious encephalopathy/delirium (narrow), Hostility/aggression (broad), Hearing impairment (narrow) Write-up: Pt recvd MMR vax & exp fever, austistic behaviors, encephalatic condition, began to tune out; sound sensitivity, hand-flapping, wheel-spinning; nightime sweats, appetite inc;

(VAERS ID:42498).

The American Academy of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery say in their factsheet on hyperacusis that depression may be a factor in people with hyperacusis.  They write this as if it is a cause.  I don't believe so.  I think that depression is also caused by vaccination because it is a proven result of inflammation and vaccination incites the inflammatory response on purpose in order to induce antibodies.  In fact, within days of my BCG vaccination I was suicidal and self-harming despite never having had a history of depression before and being a previously happy teenager, then I disended into frequent fevers, dizziness, panic attacks, ear infections, flu like symptoms, burst ear drums and then finally, hyperacusis.

In fact, scientists have confirmed that inflammation causes depression in animals and guess what they used to induce it in 2009?  BCG vaccine.  But don't worry, they assured people, it's not one we use in the US.  Well, it was one they used in the UK and other countries.

'Scientists have confirmed the role of an immune-activated enzyme in causing inflammation-related depression-like symptoms in mice. The work clarifies how the immune system can trigger depression and, more broadly, demonstrates the potential of this animal model for exploring the relationship between chronic inflammation—a common feature of diseases such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes—and depression.

When an individual is infected with viruses or bacteria, cells of the immune system respond by secreting proteins called cytokines. These cytokines not only trigger inflammation and orchestrate the body's immune response against the infection, but they also cause changes in behavior, such as fatigue and withdrawal. Beyond these commonly experienced behavioral signs of illness, previous research has shown that cytokines can also cause depression in people with physical illnesses but who have no prior history of mental illness. For instance, around one-third of patients receiving the cytokine interferon-α for treatment of cancer or hepatitis C develop major depression. Clinical evidence has suggested that an enzyme (IDO) activated by these same cytokines might be a key player.

In this work, scientists used a weakened form of the tuberculosis relative, bacille Calmette-Guérin (BCG), to model chronic inflammation. This strain of bacteria is used outside the U.S. as a vaccine for tuberculosis. Infection of mice with high doses of BCG persistently activates the immune system; as a consequence, the mice develop depressive-like behavior after initial signs of illness have subsided. '


So that could also explain why I also struggled with depression for years.  I know I was chronically inflammed.  I could feel nerve pain down both sides of my neck and behind the ears, which would get worse the with the more noise I was exposed to.  It felt as if my nerves were inflammed and my ears would go bright red in colour, but for years I was never believed, with doctors telling me it was muscle pain (I do know the difference between muscle and nerve pain).  In the years after my initial recovery from hyperacusis, I would get relapses, always accompanied by nerve pain at the sides of my neck.  When the neck nerve pain stopped, my hearing tolerance would return to normal.  Eventually I got a GP to believe me and he prescribed ibuprofen (an anti-inflammatory) that I had to take for ten weeks before I recovered from hyperacusis.  Each time I re-lapse, it is anti-inflammatory medication that reduces my symptoms.

Web MD say that sensory nerve damage may cause pain and sensitivity (both symptoms of hyperacusis - a sensory processing disorder).  They also say:

'Drug side effects and toxic substances. Various substances that are taken into the body intentionally or unintentionally have the ability to cause nerve pain and nerve damage. These include medications, such as chemotherapies for cancer and certain drugs used to treat HIV. Toxic substances that may be ingested accidentally, including lead, arsenic, and mercury, may also cause damage to your nerves. ' - http://www.webmd.com/brain/nerve-pain-and-nerve-damage-symptoms-and-causes

Notice their reference to mercury, of which thimerosal is 49% mercury, and that's not including the many other toxic substances in vaccines.

Furthermore, another study done in 2009 found that repeated vaccination caused auto-immune disease in otherwise normal animals and it also caused tissue damage, something I know and can feel that I have:

'Repeated immunization with antigen causes systemic autoimmunity in mice otherwise not prone to spontaneous autoimmune diseases. Overstimulation of CD4+ T cells led to the development of autoantibody-inducing CD4+ T (aiCD4+ T) cell which had undergone T cell receptor (TCR) revision and was capable of inducing autoantibodies. The aiCD4+ T cell was induced by de novo TCR revision but not by cross-reaction, and subsequently overstimulated CD8+ T cells, driving them to become antigen-specific cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CTL). These CTLs could be further matured by antigen cross-presentation, after which they caused autoimmune tissue injury akin to systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE).

Immunization of mice 12× with OVA led to re-expression of the V(D)J recombinase complex and enlargement of the spleen (Figure S4A), and an increase in anti-dsDNA antibody, which is uniquely linked to autoimmune tissue injury in lupus nephritis [14] (Figure S2A). Pathological findings included diffuse membranous (wire-loop) and/or proliferative glomerulonephritis in the kidney (Figure 3A), infiltration of plasma cells around hepatic bile ducts (Figure S4B), enlarged lymphoid follicles with marked germinal center in spleen (Figure S4B), occasional lymphocyte infiltration into the salivary glands (data not shown), lymphoid cell infiltration into the thyroid, and perivascular infiltration of neutrophils and macrophages into the skin dermis of the auricle (Figure S4B). The lupus band test, diagnostic of SLE, was positive in the skin at the epidermal-dermal junction (Figure 3B).' - http://www.plosone.org/article/info:doi%2F10.1371%2Fjournal.pone.0008382

I was 95% recovered after 11 years of constant, total suffering (and not able to work) by pink noise brain re-training with the ENT unit, no more vaccines ever again, vitamin therapy, whole food diet and detox.  When I re-lapse I have to have anti-inflammatories to recover myself again.  I have never been 100% recovered and I have multiple inflammatory illnesses that I now HAVE to take medications for.  In all likelihood, I will probably be on anti-seizure meds (that numb malfunctioning nerves) and anasethetics for the rest of my life, and all because of a vaccine that didn't work, for a disease I wasn't going to get (TB is caused by over-crowding, unsanitary conditions which did not apply to me).

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